Our team brings enterprise-class tools and years of experience to the process of helping you understand your current protective status as well as the measures you need to undertake to maintain a high level of security. We help in assessing and mitigating cybersecurity risk minimizing the chances of your business becoming a statistic.

Cybersecurity assessments
A cybersecurity assessment is comprised of a thorough survey of your entire network and workflow (cloud, mobile, and in-house). To accomplish this survey, our team deploys tools that examine every facet of your IT environment for gaps and anomalies. With the data gathered, we are able to generate reports detailing the security posture of your IT systems.

Cybersecurity risk mitigation
Cybersecurity risk mitigation encapsulates the steps our team takes to address gaps in your IT security and lower the risk to your systems and workflow. These steps can include protocols, such as regular backups, enterprise-class antivirus, firewall configuration, and endpoint protection. By continuously maintaining your operational IT using best practice methodology, we can help you stay current with the cyberthreats in the marketplace today.

The reason why you want to do an assessment, is too understand how much your exposed. Are there passwords, credit card information, personal information that can be exposed to a hack? We have tools that can find and eliminate someone on your network. We also have tools that can encrypt only that sensitive data. So if someone does manage to steal it. It will be gibberish once it leaves the machine. This could be put on a per machine basis and is affordable.  We also have tools that can encrypt your keyboard so if someone plants a keylogger on your computer or phone this software will make what you type come out as gibberish. The scan is free and the knowledge is free. Give us a call 302-204-0010.

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