Is your Recycle bin never getting emptied? It can consume most of your hard drive if you don’t empty it. This article explains how to set a custom size so it gets auto emptied. If you need help apply this change please message me.

How to empty the Windows Recycle Bin automatically

By: Martin Brinkmann  originally appeared on

All files that you delete regularly on Windows are moved to the Recycle Bin first. Designed as a last resort to recover accidentally deleted files, files that sit in the Recycle Bin may sit there for a long period. While that is not a huge problem most of the time, if disk space is scarce, it may be frustrating to empty the Recycle Bin manually regularly.

You could set a custom Recycle Bin size to avoid it occupying too much space on a drive, or, use automation to clear the Windows Recycle Bin regularly.

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