Meet Your Local IT Company

We don’t nickel and dime you. We provide sound solutions with locked in pricing.

Our Approach

How We Are Different

What makes us different from all the other IT companies is that we specialize in Immersion IT. That means we learn everything about your software, equipment, and  company direction. This allows us to not just be an outside vendor, but  part of your support staff. Our goal is to be aligned  as strategic partners investing completely in your company’s success. We take the time to learn how your software integrates and what is really causing the errors. We want you to feel confident in us so you will want to include us when you make decisions purchasing tech and software. We take pride in advising you while keeping your budget in mind.

Here is IT in a nutshell. When you get your computer or laptop, it is running as fast as it ever will run. The first thing you do is start to customize it and load updates. You have no choice. Most computers are set to automatically update and won’t run right unless you do it. After all the updates, you start to load your company programs and any updates to those programs that are needed. At this point, your computer is now running at what the industry calls its baseline, the fastest it’s ever going to run without upgrading the hardware. It is at this point, before any work is done, or any files are loaded, we take an image of your computer. From then on, every update you do, every website you go to will slow your computer down.


What Is Managed Service

The foundation of Managed Services revolves around some basic principles.

Clean the machine – If possible make the machine brand new. Updated in today’s standard.

Update the machine – Run updates on a controlled schedule after hours.

Scan the machine – Check for viruses daily with Webroot and if possible put on Sentinal One to shield against crypto viruses.

Backup the machine – Use snapshot technology to make backups of all machines and quickly restore data loss and corruption.

All the rest – We assist with how much you want us to assist. From printers to learning apps.



Clean the machine

Update the machine

Scan the machine

Backup the machine

All the rest


What Is A Virtual Assistant

MIVA Is More Than Virtual Assistants

There Are A Few Things That Set Us Apart Among Virtual Assistants

We’re a virtual assistant company with a twist. For one thing, we’ve got degrees, certificates and advanced training. Our skills are above the ordinary. Another few things that are unique about MIVA…

Brand Design & Strategy

Branding is about name recognition. Brand recognition results in loyalty and revenue. You can see the impact in your bottom line.

Social Media Management

Social media is tied to branding, using social media is the fastest way to get brand recognition. We give you a solid start.

Audience Analytics

Analytic audits are an overview of everything from social media to your website. We give you a snapshot of your total online presence.

Content Copywriting

Create high end packages to attract high end clients. Repackage your services and turn those extras into a premium package for your clients. Give your website content a a new look.

Digital Media Creation

This unique package can be used to spice up your social media, create beautiful digital invitations or engage your audience with short videos.