Implement a 24/7 manned SOC to monitor data and traffic


Did you ever wonder why your machine gets slow or the site you try to get isn’t there and then BOOM it is there?


Machines are slow for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because the machine is getting old. Other times patches are being installed in the background or the system is simply trying to process something you’re asking it to do.

When attempting to access a website the way the page loads is that it shows on the screen what is in its memory while loading code in the background to complete the site seen on the screen in front of you. Because computers work this way attackers can violate your network and bad programs can run without you ever knowing. You can start on a legitimate site and code entered by an attacker can lead you to a malicious site and trigger the download of a bad program.

How can it be stopped when it’s a normal function of the computer, even worse with no knowledge that it has even happened?

This is where a 24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC) becomes important in securing your systems. As we learn more and more about security, we come to the realization that there may still be holes. So Blue Sky found a solution: a 24-7 Security Operations Center or SOC.

What is a 24-7 SOC you ask?

It’s a monitor system. Manned by security technicians to cover the holes missed by other security measures. This is where overlapping security systems come into play.

This service watches all traffic and is compatible with all the security programs. It follows you on the web to verify where you’re going is legitimate and once you get there make sure the website doesn’t redirect you to a malicious site. It scans your applications and watches for them to morph and follows them to verify they are not compromised. Finally it also looks for rapid data growth and reports it.

It doesn’t fix anything but reports it. This can pick up new trends the other utilities don’t see. It can spot failures before they happen in real-time. We consider it your network’s police officer.

Is this an important feature?

Knowing why a computer went from being a speed demon to horribly slow is very important. As a company, it is also important to investigate and find out if you are accessing valid sites and not being redirected by attackers to malicious sites without any knowledge.

This feature not only increases the security of your network but if you are required to be HIPPA compliant or required to maintain cyber insurance this service can be presented to your insurance company to help lower your insurance costs by being proactive on the internet.