Alright deep breathe. This is an article that can be scary about just how vulnerable you might be. Give it a read. It’s quick and you should be aware of how you can get hacked. Here’s your golden rule. Anything that is convenient and sees the internet can be hacked. So, you want to watch TV on the frig. It can be hacked. Make a list and ask questions. The hackers will. If you need any help message me and I will do my best to help.

The Cybersecurity Weakest Link – Linux and IOT

By Migo Kedem originally appeared on SentinelOne

When Linus Torvalds first started developing a free operating system back in 1991 in his spare time, nobody could have guessed what it would lead to.

Linux is not only the backbone of the internet and the Android operating system, it is now expanding into domestic appliances, motor vehicles and pretty much anything else that requires a minimal operating system to run dedicated software. The Internet of Things is very much The Internet of Things Powered by Linux.

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