If you are like the typical internet consumer you think that a password will be good enough; but is it….really? You should hide your home WiFi network from showing up. The more your neighbors know about you the easier it is to hack your WiFi. You will want to know who’s on your home network. A neighbor could be downloading bad things and you can be blamed for it. They could also be watching TV on several computers causing your internet to creep alone.

It’s not hard to hide your WiFi. Almost all routers have the option. While your there, see if you can setup a guest WiFi. That way you can give guests that password instead of your main password. If you do setup a guest WiFi change the password at least once a year. Once you hide your WiFi, it will show up as hidden. You need to know what it’s called and the password to connect. Tell your phone and computer to remember it and it works the same as it did when it wasn’t hidden.  This article goes over how to hide your WiFi in detail.


Yes, you should hide your wireless network from the neighbors (here’s how)


By Ben Bradley originally appeared on Komando.com

Picture this. It’s Friday night and you just got home from work after a challenging week. All you want to do now is turn on your TV and watch the new season of your favorite show that just dropped on Netflix.

You get the red Netflix logo, then… uh-oh, it’s buffering. A minute goes by and now you’ve got an image, but it’s so pixelated that you can’t even tell what’s happening in the scene. Great, now it’s back to buffering.

This is not the evening you envisioned.

Your slow Wi-Fi could be the result of a few things. It could be an issue with your internet service provider (ISP), or maybe your modem and router need a reboot. Perhaps it’s because everyone in the neighborhood came home with the same idea and you’re all fighting for bandwidth in the same service group. Or just maybe, just maybe it’s a neighbor piggybacking on your network.

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