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Are you tired of your IT company misrepresenting themselves to you, over selling products that under perform but continue to take money out of your pocket? We use cutting edge utilities and charge a fair, competitive price.


What We Do

Our specialty is in Personalized IT. We learn everything about your equipment, software, and then setup it up properly. Even if it means rebuilding the machine. Our approach is not to act like an outside vendor, but as part of your support staff. As your strategic partner, we invest completely in your company’s success. With this approach we take the time to learn your software, your equipment, and your direction. As you  consult with us to make technical decisions, our focus is eliminating the barriers standing in the way of the direction of your business goals. We do not charge a markup on equipment.  This reduces the barrier to purchasing tech and software to its actual costs. We take pride in advising you while keeping your budget in mind. With vendor issues, we specialize in being the go between for your company and the software vendor to smooth out any issues your having with their software.

Managed Service Provider

We don’t lock you into a service contract. We are constantly learning new skills to improve our service. Total Personalized IT allows us to focus on YOU.                                                                                            


Working with small businesses that are strategically challenged to execute day-to-day operations.                                                                                                                                                  

Storage & Backup Solution

For bare metal backups and snapshot backups with a personal cloud we use Synology Drives. For virtual spin up instances in a commercial cloud we use Continuum Recover.

Website Design

With over 20 years of experience in WordPress, HTML and custom graphic design we can create a website of your dreams!  We offer a free consultation to go over your existing website, review what changes you want to make, and set a budget to create the new site.

Cloud Services

Cloud services is the wave of the future. Relieving costly server costs We provide personal & commercial cloud service alternatives with security and high availability as a key focus to our offerings.                                                 

Cyber Security

Webroot Antivirus comes with our managed solution. To prevent Ransomware we have partnered with Sentinal One. A leader in A.I. security providing a $1 Million guarantee against cyber attacks.                                                                   


What Makes Us Different

We offer a client focused approach over a company focused approach. We are able to keep costs down by not charging a mark up on equipment, keeping our rates competitive and only charging labor. We lock in our labor quotes, barring unforeseen circumstances, you don’t pay overages. We also feel that it’s important to start off on the right foot. The on boarding process is free or at a significantly reduced rate depending on your current setup. Saving you hundreds of dollars. The thought process is if your network is setup properly it will run smooth and we are just monitoring, maintaining and fixing minor issues. By making it affordable we remove the obstacles and address the elephant in the room.

Providing an honest, client focused approach to solving your IT, Backup, and Cloud Needs

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

We have partnered with Continuum to provide around the clock protection and cutting edge tools to assist on our mission of providing you with the best tools and user experience on a daily basis.






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