Encrypt keyboards to prevent data leaks by keyloggers

A keyboard on a computer works on a more advanced process than evident. When you press down on a key, a signal is recorded. When you release the key, a second signal is recorded. Finally, a third signal is sent to your screen allowing you to see the letter. Many Operating Systems allow you to go beyond characters and perform actions, like pressing Control+Alt+Delete as a key combination, or even change the language from English to Spanish.

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Why is keyboard security important?

Attackers have learned how to harness that advanced functionality and use it nefariously. The most common example is invisible programs that eavesdrop on those keyboard signals, filter for usernames and passwords. These are known as Keyloggers. After they have collected your credentials, they discretely transmit them over your internet connection to be recorded in a number of dark web credential theft databases. From here those stolen credentials are auctioned off to the highest bidder, who is often a member of a criminal organization or nation-state.

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Blue Sky has you covered!

We fight this criminal activity by placing a software utility on your devices that encrypt or scramble keystrokes and monitors who can understand the encryption. If someone tries to steal the keystrokes, they only get gibberish. Saving the best for last, this Keyboard Encryption service includes an identity protection plan and dark web monitoring.