Filter internet access to avoid malicious sites


Have you ever tried to visit a website only to end up on one that is completely different?


This is because the domain name system was hijacked, either on your computer or the website you intended to visit. Hackers have been known to breach insecure DNS servers and tap into security holes within the Domain Name System. There are a variety of cyberattacks that can be used on vulnerable servers and DNS caches, DNS cache poisoning, and DNS spoofing are good examples.

DNS cache poisoning will trick servers into connecting to malicious sites. Let’s say a fraudulent PayPal site where sensitive data and personal financial information is entered and then stolen. This scam is also known as DNS spoofing, you’ve now been led to a “spoofed” site as your cache has been “poisoned.”

We can manage this problem easily by filtering for fictitious website names (domain names) that are meant to trick people into thinking they got the real deal. If you try to visit a malicious website, it will be blocked, and you will get a message saying you almost ended up in a dangerous place.

Simultaneously, have you ever wanted to block your employees from going to certain websites, like Facebook or Porn? Our DNS filter can help you accomplish that also by keeping your employees away from unwanted areas of the internet.