Security Stack

Our security stack covers all levels of intrusion!


Stack Includes

1. Hardware Layer

Our Next-Generation firewall looks and deep packet inspects internet traffic activity. It detects and stops intruders using IDS. A managed switch allows you to inspect traffic on a computer level

2. Basic Maintenance

Patching is what keeps you protected. The ability to remotely fix your machine is standard. We institute a zero-trust model. Many viruses get autoloaded or blindly okayed by users. A zero-trust model learns what’s installed then you lock down the OS. You can still do upgrades just not load apps without approval.

3. Endpoint Protection

Antivirus just isn’t enough! It uses scripts. An EDR anti-virus, Extended Detection and Response antivirus can reverse ransomware, and an MDR application, Managed Detection and Response hunts for intruders that try to steal your data or load ransomware on your computers

4. Email Security

One of the best ways to load a virus is spam or phishing. Our anti-spam and phishing app alerts you and filters out the garbage to keep you from clicking or responding in the heat of the moment!

5. Internet Security

To make sure you get where you want to go on the internet, we implement a web filter and DNS filter. This can also be used to
limit certain behaviors if desired.

6. Onsite/Offsite Managed Backup

If you have servers we have a spin-up solution! If you load backups to a local device on-site, it replicates to our offices in a secure
drive, and to a cloud drive for redundancy. Both are encrypted and equipped with two-factor authentication.

7. Passwords Manager

Many people keep a password list on their computers or in a desk drawer. Even worse it is always called “passwords”. Our company’s password manager solves this. With two-factor authentication, we help secure as many passwords as possible!

8. Training

Security training is the fire drill of security. It helps to remind people what to do in the event of an attack, then tests to make sure they remember without damaging the computers.

9.24/7 SOC Monitoring

A comprehensive 24/7 monitored security and alerting service that consolidates input from multiple threat intelligence sources to validate indicators of network compromise.

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