Going into vacation season I wanted to post about how to spot a hidden camera. In today’s age,  it’s very easy to hide a spy camera that records and transmits or just gets picked up at a later date. But no worries you can easily check to see if you are being recorded. Put your phone in selfie mode and just scan around the room, if you see any purple lights then you have picked up an infrared light from a camera. It seems like an odd thing to do but you also don’t want to end up on the internet either. This link goes into more details.

How to spot hidden cams in vacation rentals, SD cyber security expert weighs in

By  Jennifer Kastner originally appeared on  News San Diego

Joe Oregon is a San Diego cyber security expert who also teaches at San Diego State University. He knows how simple it is to plant and conceal hidden cameras and tells us, “You want to make sure that you’re closely inspecting the room or the location you’re going to.”

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