There are many ways to lock down your systems. We spend the time to constantly train to not just stay above the curve but also to replace outdated ideals. Our approach isn’t to come in and clear out your current security stack. Our approach is to look over what you have. We explain why there’s gaps. We then show you how we cover the gaps. Our main goal is for you to be secure and to cover you if your ever breached. So a meeting with us is more than selling you products. It’s based on education of what we learn and showing you the products that we use to secure systems. As we test and use new products we show you how and why we chose them. Your not obliged to use them, but you will be aware of the hole they cover. We then bring them to you at the lowest cost we can afford to bring them to you.

So if you need help in Locking IT down? Our team of IT security specialists partners with companies of all sizes across the spectrum of industries represented in our region. We help them lock down their workflow without losing flexibility and mobile access, and we provide them with the cybersecurity management needed to deter criminals from accessing mission-critical databases.

The five pillars of our comprehensive cybersecurity approach

  • IT security maintenance and management: keeping your systems updated with the latest security patches
  • Cyber awareness training: giving your staff the information they need to work securely online
  • 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring: providing for fast identification of threats
  • IT incident response: dealing quickly and appropriately with any security-related anomalies
  • Regular data backup as part of a comprehensive business continuity strategy: keeping your mission-critical data ready for use, regardless of circumstance

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