I have noticed a trend with the last couple of Windows 10 updates

Microsoft is making legacy apps disappear or not work. First they took the photo editor and combined it with the photos app. This would be great but if you have multiple photos in a jpeg and you can’t edit them. It’s crazy and Microsoft calls this an improvement. If you have this issue, I recommend Irfanview. It’s free and works. Plus, the icon looks like a teddy bear.

The latest app to get the ax is Internet Explorer.

It’s still there but when you open it up it crashes.  I have tried every normal fix. What I found to work is open it in Edge:

  • Open the app in Edge
  • Go to a web page
  • In the upper right-hand corner, there will be three dots …
  • Click on them and select open in internet explorer
  • Then use Internet Explorer to your hearts content

I know it is not how it is supposed to work, but be happy they didn’t completely kill it. If you can talk to whatever website your going to that has to use Internet Explorer. Request they upgrade and make the site Edge or Chrome compatible. Basically, it looks like an Active X issue and Active X is going to be obsolete like Java soon. The site will not work at all after Active X is obsolete.

The last tip is WiFi.

Many new computers come with WiFi built in and a network jack. A lot of people connect with both. Turn off the WiFi. Most network jacks are at 1000 mps. If you are next to the best WiFi you can get 300 mps. Every foot away from the antennas the speeds drop off considerably. If you go through a wall it gets worst. The connection can go as low as 10 mps.

A computer will often try to use WiFi over a network jack. It may also try to load balance and use both. Causing apps to lock and your machine to run like it’s 10 years old. If your machine is 10 years old, I apologize, but it desperately needs to be upgraded or you can enjoy long breaks. Contact me I can walk you through getting a new machine. I don’t markup equipment 302-204-0010.