Hacker accesses GPS and kills car engines

Waking up to this headline and this link makes you think, How much scarier can it get? As more and more cars get internet or GPS built into the cars you need to realize this could happen to you. It is very important that you change your password. If you don’t it gives hackers the ability to turn off your car as you drive.

It can happen as an accident. Hackers come in many varieties.

Some will find the code, try it out and just see if this works. It could also be that these hackers just want to hurt as many people as possible. It’s very easy to disassociate an event because the hacker in not there. They could be on the other side of the world doing this damage. It will seem like a game to them. Since it’s not personal to them they won’t care. Either way, there is a simple fix.

Change the password.

You will also want to ask your dealer if there’s a firmware upgrade. I know that costs money, but your also not driving a Pinto. The updates are very important because they will plug holes hackers will use to get around the password. Or if they do break in these steps will block them from doing any damage, such as, turning off your car and locking your steering wheel when your doing 65 mph.

Hacker accesses GPS and kills car engines

This article is another splash of reality, but it covers  a white hat hacker’s results and what they were able to do with a live GPS system. It’s a real threat.  It’s also a very easily avoidable threat that your dealer will happily help you fix. Anyone who has keyless starting or keyless entry this is also hackable. So, if you’re at a big event like a conference or a game, use your keys. They can be hacked fairly easily as well. Take a picture of where you’re at instead of tapping your alarm to find your car. It’s not hard to get your cars lock signature in the parking lot, follow you home, and steal your car. They say a picture is worth a thousand words in this case it would be worth your car.