Microsoft issues a critical warning about a Remote Desktop and Terminal Server vulnerability. This allows a hacker to put a program on the computer to launch spam to both the internet and the LAN. This also allows a hacker to steal, view, modify, or delete data. Exposing the computer to theft or ransomware without the attacker having to logon to the machine.

If you manage computers you will want to follow this link and manually install the update. It is critical to stop this hole in the operating system on all Windows 10,8, or 7 desktops, RDP (terminal server) servers, or regular servers. This is a worm virus and will spread to your entire network if the machines are not patched.

If you are managed by an IT company, ask them about this update. If they do nothing or have no clue give us a call 302-204-0010 at Blue Skies. Ask for Marc. At Blue skies IT and Cloud Services we take your security very seriously. We used many sources for vulnerabilities and we actively defend your computers and networks with proof. Not just talk. We have a variety of security products to choose from, but this would be covered on our $10 a machine and $50 a server plan.

Microsoft Warning Impacts 800M Windows 10 Computers

By Gordon Kelly originally appeared on Forbes

Windows users, stop what you’re doing because Microsoft has issued a critical warning across all versions of its platforms, including every version of Windows 10, and told users they must act now.

Posting in its Security Response Center, Microsoft told users that it has discovered two “critical” Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities which are “wormable”. This means they could be weaponized to launch malware that jumps automatically from PC to PC, spreading across the world without any action from the user. And there are potentially hundreds of millions of vulnerable computers.

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