We take your security seriously, so we use tools sourced from all of the top IT software providers in the world. We train because we take our own security seriously. We test out existing tools to make sure they take your security seriously. This isn’t just a revenue source to us. I have over 44 years in the business and started this company because most people I worked with care, but not enough to go the distance. Does your IT provider sit down with you or do they go over your security profile? Do they explain why you should care? Run test to show if your vulnerable and how bad it can cost you? Security isn’t free but it also doesn’t need to cost hundreds of dollars per machine. There are one time cost fixes that can harden your network. There some free versions of applications that can secure your profile. In this world if you handle people’s credit cards, social security, or even access a database that does have this access you are seriously mistaken if you don’t think you can be hacked or ransomed. You might be spot on at seeing phishing attacks but is everyone else in your company that strong at picking up the signs. Does everyone in your company only go to company only websites or are they using your computers for personal time at lunch. Everyone is one click away or just one website away from getting compromised. Although it sound apocalyptic it’s not. Talk to us we can help and it’s free to hear us out. Even if you have an IT company you can take what you learn and ask them to implement it. I want your business but I’m more concerned with protecting your company. Give us a call 302-204-0010.

Everyone in our team cares for your IT systems, harnessing the power of secure passwords and multifactor authentication to guard against criminal, unauthorized access to your computers and data.

We’re leveraging these IT security best practices to protect you and to help you protect your clients as well.

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