If you use Firefox and it does not remember your screen size when it’s opening. This article may show you how to fix it. It did with my Firefox. If you need any help applying this fix let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

Firefox not remembering the last window size? This may fix it!

By: Martin Brinkmann  originally appeared on ghack.net

Some months ago, I started to notice that the Firefox web browser was not remembering its window size when closed and reopened.

I usually run Firefox on one half of the screen on a 1920×1080 monitor on a Windows PC. Firefox would open and by doing so, change its window size so that a small gap was left at the bottom of the browser window and the Windows taskbar.

While it is easy enough to make the browser fit the space, e.g. by dragging its window to the left side of the monitor to have it expand automatically, it was something that left me puzzled.

It did not really bother me too much but when a user on Reddit pointed to a possible solution, I had to try it to see if the proposed solution would fix the issue on my end.

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