For Windows 10 users nothing is more annoying than booting up your machine and finding games auto-loaded on it. Often computer vendors will also throw on programs to help your machine. Causing your machine to slow down because all these programs go on as services. You could uninstall the programs but this hack will prevent them from installing automatically. Saving you time and keeping your machine running as efficiently as possible. Need assistance? Reach out!

How to block the automatic installation of suggested Windows 10 apps

By  Martin Brinkmann originally appeared on

When you sign in to a new Windows 10 profile or device for the first time, the chance is that you notice several third-party applications and games listed prominently in the Start Menu.

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most famous example of such an offer but there are other games and applications such as Netflix, Twitter, the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft, or Farmville 2 that may be displayed in the Start Menu.

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